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Are solar arrays or wind farms more effective?

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2021 | Energy Law |

It’s become clear that the country is eventually going to need to move beyond a reliance on fossil fuels. People disagree on when this will happen and why it should, but we do know that these fuels are finite resources. They will run out. 

Two potential options to replace them are solar power and wind power. Neither of these is limited in the same way. There will always be options to draw power. Many companies are investing in technology and infrastructure development, and they need to know which one works better.

What is the future of power generation?

For an endless option, wind power is greater

From a commercial perspective, wind power is typically seen as more efficient and effective. The reasoning is simple: There’s always wind. Twenty-four hours per day, a wind turbine can be generating power. Yes, the exact amount may vary with wind levels, but the constraints aren’t nearly as great. 

With solar power, you only have roughly half of the day with exposure to high light levels. Technically, the sun is always providing energy to the Earth, but the rotation of the planet — not to mention weather conditions and cloud cover — can really reduce what you get. 

For homeowners, this tends not to matter. They choose solar because it’s easier to install on the roof and less obtrusive. For commercial business ventures, though, wind tends to be the main focus since it is more productive at all times. Businesses aren’t as worried about things like aesthetic appeal. 

Moving forward with new energy options

If you’re interested in commercial wind and solar projects, be sure you know what steps you’ll need to take to work toward the future of energy and meet your goals.