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Are your drivers complying with NY environmental laws?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | Environmental Law |

There’s a lot to consider when running a fleet of vehicles. Your biggest worry is probably that you face a lawsuit because one of your drivers injures someone, or you need to deal with traffic tickets your drivers collect.

Yet you could also face legal problems if your drivers sit there doing nothing, as three New York transport companies recently found out.

Complying with idling laws is crucial

Many drivers hate to turn off their engines while waiting. Some claim it is bad for the engine. Others just like to keep the warm air flowing into their cab, especially when it is cold outside. Drivers also like to warm up their motor before heading out, again claiming it’s crucial for the motor.

New York’s Attorney General filed lawsuits against three bus companies for breaching idling laws. The reason being that the excessive idling poses a danger to the health of the communities where it takes place due to the exhaust emissions released.

Running any kind of business clearly has some environmental impact. Everything we do as humans does. It is clear that the authorities are making increasing moves to tackle it and are willing to take legal action to pursue anyone they feel is breaching the regulations.

Environmental laws have changed a lot over the past few years, and they are likely to tighten further in the future. Getting help to ensure your understanding of all laws that apply to your business is current can help you avoid legal action. If you are already facing it, understanding what to do next will be crucial.