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Eminent domain can take your property away

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2022 | Real Estate |

People purchase property in this country under the assumption that they can do what they want with it within the boundaries of the law and without the possibility of the property being taken from them. One thing that many people don’t realize the government has a right known as eminent domain that enables it to take property from landowners for specific reasons.

Eminent domain allows a government entity to take private land for public use, but the owner of the land must be compensated justly for the seizure of the property. Property owners should understand the process that must be followed for this. A government agent can’t just walk up to you and demand your property for money.

What can property owners do when the government claims eminent domain?

The property must go through the condemnation process in order to be taken by the government. The owner can use these proceedings to call the reason for the seizure and the price that’s being offered for the property into question.

Some people wonder what just compensation is when it comes to the government taking possession of a property. The government must pay fair market value for the property. The assumption is that the price is for a buyer who isn’t being forced into buying and a seller who isn’t being forced to sell.

Anyone who finds out that the government is attempting to claim a property through eminent domain should immediately get started on their legal case against it. There’s only a limited time to be able to fight back against your property being ripped out from underneath you.