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Potential New York State law would address chemicals in the water

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Environmental Law |

The environment and how to combat climate change, pollution and chemicals that can have a negative impact on living things is a hot topic of conversation in New York State and across the nation. While activists are perceived to be at the forefront of attempted regulations and change, legislators and companies are also concerned about how certain behaviors can harm the environment.

Finding common ground can be difficult and a recently introduced New York law strives to address a known problem with chemicals in water sources. Businesses should keep track of potential changes so they are fully prepared to adapt if the new law is implemented.

“Forever chemicals” are the target of newly proposed legislation

A certain type of chemical known as PFAS is frequently used in myriad ways like manufacturing nonstick pans among other uses. The problem with them is that once they are in the environment, they do not break down. When they are put in landfills, “leachate” is entering sources for drinking water. Leachate is contaminated water that has PFAS in it.

The Seneca Meadows landfill in Waterloo, New York, reportedly produces 75 million gallons of this contaminated water annually. It is said to enter drinking water throughout New York State and into New Jersey. Right now, New York does not limit the amount of leachate that can enter the drinking water. The new law hopes to address that.

Facilities that are discharging water will need to conduct tests to see if these substances are there. PFAS is dangerous because experts say it can increase the chance of certain cancers, inhibit fertility and harm the immune system.

Legal professionals who specialize in environmental issues can be helpful

For businesses, it is imperative that they are current on environmental law and know how to comply with those that are in place or may be enacted in the future. Not only do environmental violations lead to costly sanctions, but a business with the reputation for not caring about the environment, people, animals and other living things will inevitably be viewed in a negative light in the community. To be fully prepared and protected, having legal assistance that specializes in environmental issues can help to find cost-effective and viable solutions to avoid long-term damage.